We offer clients a single point of contact for their marketing needs, whether it’s digital or physical.  All the work is project-managed in-house by experienced professionals – so you get to know the team you’re dealing with.

Communications strategy and key messages

Every business has a story to tell and an audience out there somewhere, ready to listen.  If you aren’t sure how to identify or communicate with your audiences, we can help.  We’ll listen to your story, help you take it apart and rebuild it if necessary and then identify the customers, stakeholders and influencers that need to hear from you.

Only then can we start to talk about strategy, messaging, platform selection and implementation.  It may sound complicated, but like most things in life, it’s simple once you know where to start.

Website development and content writing

You wouldn’t turn up to a business development meeting poorly dressed, ill-prepared and unsure of what service you’re offering.  The same should apply to your website.  Getting the structure, message and navigation right is crucial.  A website is a powerful tool if your prospects and customers immediately relate to the content and know where to go for more.  First impressions last, so it’s worth getting it right first time.

Content development and business blogging

You can have the best information in the world but if you don’t share it in an interesting and engaging way, it offers little value.  We take your product and market knowledge and turn it into readable, relevant content.  Whether it’s industry commentary, opinion pieces or information to demonstrate your value in the marketplace, we can write, present and share it for you on the right channels.

E-direct mail campaigns and newsletters

So your website is looking great, your blogs are content-rich, timely and relevant – but no-one is reading them.  It’s time for some direct marketing.  The job of direct marketing is to drive qualified leads to your website.  Once your prospects or customers are on your website, you can start to do business.

By taking your relevant, industry-specific, high quality content directly to your target audience you can start to build relationships and create a sales pipeline by building your company credibility and providing information on your products and services.

Social media marketing and social-advertising

Our team has been helping businesses understand the value of social media marketing since 2010.  We work with a diverse range of businesses from corporates to entrepreneurial start ups.  Whether you are looking to out-source your social media marketing to seasoned professionals or want to make an impact with a specific campaign or promotion, we can help.

Editorial and PR

Timely, targeted press coverage is a powerful tool, especially when it is pulled online, given longevity and used to directly market you to a wider audience of your choice.  Having the eye to spot an angle and the skills to write and present a pitch to editors really helps.  We have the experience and track record to match.

Marketing collateral and advertising

We take responsibility for pulling all aspects of every job together smoothly and to the highest standards.  SMMgr regularly works with a network of trusted photographers, graphic designers, web developers and SEO specialists – so our clients can relax in the knowledge that we’ll deliver a quality service from start to finish.